Thursday, June 02, 2005

>Tell me all that you want about Maher S H B. now.
I have been thinking about my "sound system" each time.

>Are you working in new music?
Last year I had an concert titled "what is melody?" based on theoretical achievement of Curt Sachs.

>Are you always working about new music?
I am now working in old music and playing Diego Ortiz as an collective inprovisational format.

>Are you working with more people?
I am organising mahers especially at where the ending of the name of the city finishes as M. For instance, after my playing in Matsuyama, Hiroshima, or Roma, I organise Matsuyamaher, Hiroshimaher, and Romaher.

>And about you: Are you planing to release more music under others name?
I have one band and one name while many musicians have many projects and many bands now a days.

>What others things are you doing?
I am making pots for others.

>+ questions:- Do you like to talk about your music?
Yes, I do. It is sometimes bitter, though.

>- Do you feel that your music is close to some others musics?
Yes, there are many similar forms.

>- Do you use to hear the music that you make?
No, hardly ever I have played them through again.

>- Do you like to listen other people music? A lot? A few?
Very few. I can not listen to music while doing other things.

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